Vision Mission and Goals


​The College of Applied Medical Sciences in Khamis Mushait aims to be a leader in education, in providing superior applied medical science programs; while conducting research for world-class standards for both locally and regionally-based​ community and environment services.


College of Applied Medical Sciences in Khamis Mushait strives to create and promote extremely well-educated students, having sound knowledge and basic skills for scientific research; enabling students to best serve the community making optimal use of cognitive technologies.


·        To develop health education and knowledge, that encourages, supports and contributes to the religious and national aspirations of the country.

·        To conduct applied research (scientific study) reaching that of international standards.

·        To achieve complete quality standards, and accreditation for programs in accordance with the standards adopted both locally and globally.

·        To initiate and implement new programs while at the same time, participating actively with existing programs for community service.

·        To work in harmony between the production of college programs while adhering to the needs of the labor market.

·        To foster effective communication and collaboration with similar colleges nationally and internationally.


·        Teamwork: Work together for the success of the school, through cooperation, taking ownership and accountability for responsibilities, successes and failures; together everyone achieves more.

·        Mutual respect: creating an environment of mutual trust and respect which is necessary if the institution is to promote integrity.

·        Demand for excellence: students are encouraged to lead by example, seek to solve big challenges, set measurable and attainable goals, and continue to learn, reiterate and improve.

·        Commitment to professional ethics: follow accepted standards, values and guiding principles, empowering successful achievements together.