Evaluation Survey of Strategic Plan

Participate in evaluating the University's strategic plan by completing the survey at the following link:


Greeting Ceremony for Eid Al Adha

Under the patronage of His Excellency, University Rector, Prof. Dr. Faleh bin Raja Allah Al Solamy, the General Directorate of University Relations will hold a function to exchange belated Eid Al ِAdha greetings on 19/12/1438 AH God willing. The function will be held at the Central Administration Building of the University in Abha.

Dates of interviews for teaching assistants' jobs

King Khalid University wishes you success in the personal interviews of teaching assistants’ in the academic year 1437/1438 AH.

It would like also to inform you the following:

1. The interviews will be on Tuesday 21/07/1438 AH starting from 09:00 am to 12:00 pm.

2. The interviews will take place at the headquarters of the relevant colleges according to the attached file 


4th Edition of My Idea competition

The Center of Talent and Creativity is pleased to announce the beginning of the fourth edition of My Idea competition for all King Khalid University students in the 2nd  semester of academic year 1437/38 AH.

For those who wants to participate, they can trough this link ( Click here )

An invitation to attend 'the Inauguration of Research Programs'

Under the auspices of HE the president of King Khalid University Prof. Faleh bin Raja Allah Al Solamy, the Deanship of Scientific Research is inviting to attend the 'Inauguration of Research Programs' on Sunday 6/6/1438 AH.

Types of research programs:

  • General Research program.
  • Program of Supporting Research Groups.
  • Reward Program for Non-funded Research


Event Location: 

For males, the university city in Guraiger, Building B, Central Halls, Auditorium No. 6

For females, the hall in the Dentistry College.



Important Notice

Based on the directives of His Excellency King Khalid University President (No. 4173 issued on 23/5/1438 AH) which built on the general resolution of HE Education Minister (No. 38732851 issued on 16/5/1438 AH) that emphasizes the necessity to use the official electronic mail of the university by all ministry's officials and employees including King Khalid University.

The official electronic mail of King Khalid University which ends with must be used in all the work communications whether within or outside the university transactions instead of Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail and other electronic mails. The use of these electronic mails Hotmail, Yahoo and etc is considered a violation of the previously mentioned resolution which authorized by the stated decisions of ministers council for electronic transactions. 

Announcement of Availability of vacant teaching assistants' jobs.

The Deanship of Faculty and Staff Affairs announces the availability of vacant teaching assistants jobs for citizens (males and females) in the following colleges and specializations:

The availability of vacant teaching assistants jobs in medical specializations for males.

The availability of vacant teaching assistants jobs in other specializations for males.

The availability of vacant teaching assistants jobs in medical specializations for females.

The availability of vacant teaching assistants jobs in other specializations for females.


General Conditions:

1 - All Applicants must be Saudi.

2 - The Applicant must have Bachelor's Degree obtained in one of the following years:  (1435 / 36 AH), (1436 / 37 AH) and (1437 / 38 AH).

3 - All Applicants must have Bachelor's Degree from a Saudi University or another university from which Saudi Arabia recognizes the applicant' field of specialization, and they must, 1. not have repeated any course and, 2. they must be product of a regular study system.

4 - All applicants must have obtained a GPA of at least very good.

5 - All applicants must obtain a minimum of  60 in the General Aptitude Test for University Graduate (GAT) as a minimum.

6 - All applicants must pass a personal interview and the test of specialization prepared by academic departments. (For medical and dentistry specializations, the examination of Saudi Commission for Health Specialties will be sufficient).

7 -The Applicants of Language and Translation must obtain 500 in TOELF Test or its equivalent in ILETS or STEP tests.    ILETS or STEP tests.    

* How to apply:

Those who have met the stipulated conditions stated above, can visit the King Khalid University Portal, or can go directly to Employment Portal, which will be available on Sunday 13/6/1438 AH. There, they can fill the electronic application form.

Note that: The reception of application will start from the next Sunday 13/6/1438 AH, and will close on Saturday 24/6/1438 AH. 

You can view the user directory through this link: Academic Employment System.